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Stone Fox Capital is an independent, fee-only portfolio management firm based in Oklahoma. We strive to help clients reach their financial goals via taking an opportunistic approach to investing. The typical investment advisor only strives to match the applicable index and collect fees while our goal is to use our experience and knowledge to achieve superior results. 


Who will manage the money?

Mark Holder is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager. As an avid investor, Mark has been investing money for family and friends for over 25 years. He takes a long term approach to investing with a focus on fundamental analysis and general market trends.

  • Graduated from the University of Tulsa with a double major in Accounting and Finance
  • Series 65
  • CPA - passed exam on 1st attempt
  • formally worked as a financial analyst in the telecom industry
  • member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs 
  • served on the Golden Hurricane Club Board.

The advantages of Stone Fox Capital  SFC has a fiduciary responsibility to the client something that not all advisors share. No fees are earned by selling or recommending any financial products to the client. We manage the clients account using a 'spoke fund' concept. Unlike a mutual fund, the client actually owns the underlying securities providing not only transparency but tax advantages. Spoke funds typically have a more focused approach so that the client invests in the advisors best ideas instead of hundreds of stocks because the fund is too large. More importantly the majority of the advisors liquid net worth is invested along side the customer, ensuring that interests are aligned with investors. 

Successful investing outside Wall Street  Being away from Wall Street in a suburb of Tulsa, OK has many advantages now that the internet provides for similar access to stock information. Getting outside the group think mentality usually prevalent on Wall Street helps us make contrary, logical decisions. The market tends to over react to one time events and special situations allowing us great entry points for investments. 

Opportunistic, but not crazy

Long considered a growth investor, it became clear to Mark that the best investors were opportunistic. They are able to go anywhere and buy the companies that provide the best gains. Being opportunistic means buying beaten down sectors, underfollowed or underappreciated companies, or just special situations where the market has over reacted to an extraneous event. Sometimes its just a value stock ignored by the market or a growth stock underappreciated. It does not matter to these models. Some of the models will even use leverage and shorting to further take advantage of opportunities in the market. Seen by many as 'crazy' investing, but to smart investors it's only logical to utilize all of the tools available to market participants. 

What is a Net Payout Yield?  The Net Payout Yield (NPY) is the combination of Dividends and net Stock Repurchases. Wall Street has long been focused on dividends ignoring companies that repurchase stock. In fact most of the highest yielding stocks now focus more on stock repurchases. Studies have show the NPY to be more rewarding then just focusing on dividends. Anybody with a free weekend looking for a sleep aide can review this study [  ]. 

Low costs

Fees are based on the portfolio selected and range from 1.0 to 1.5% of assets on a annual basis assessed monthly. Brokerage fees also apply and are minimized via limited turnover and trading which also limits taxes. 


Each individual will have 24/7 access to his own account with visibility to positions and trades. SFC doesn't control the money so you won't have to worry about a Bernie Madoff situation. 

Go anywhere funds  Unlike most mutual funds, SFC has no restrictions on sectors or industries. Hence the funds are able to invest in any sector or market cap that provides an attractive investment opportunity. While the funds did to focus on small and mid cap stocks as they generally provide better long term investment returns, the funds have had a long term investment in Apple (AAPL) which is the largest market cap in the World. 

What is a Stone Fox?  Stone Fox was the original nickname of the founder, but it also applies to what makes his investment philosophy successful. To be successful in the market it takes non-emotional investing such as a stone. The Fox is sneaky and opportunistic 'stealing' chickens when the farmer isn't looking similar to how SFC buys a stock while Wall Street ignores it. Hence Stone Fox symbolizes the investment style of this firm: non-emotional, opportunistic. We don't follow the herd instead preferring to sell to the herd when our investment ideas become mainstream. 

Smarter way of investing  The individually managed accounts avoid all the negatives of the mutual fund industry: co-mingled money with no individual tax advantages, high fees, and no transparency. This innovative alternative provides active management, transparency, reduced costs, and minimized trading. All while the client has complete access the portfolio manager not afforded via most investment structures like mutual funds and hedge funds. 

What are the fees and minimum investment?  For as little as $20K, an investor can invest directly via SFC. Or invest in the Net Payout Yields model via IB Asset Management at Fees range from 1% to 1.5% per annum plus custodian fees. Please review the Portfolio Management page for more details. 

What types of accounts can I open?  We accept individual, joint, business and trust accounts, as well as IRAs (regular, Roth, rollover and SEP). Basically if you can open it at a custodian, then SFC can manage it. 

How can I open an account?

Currently contact SFC directly via In the future investors can fill out the online form to get the process started. 

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