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Stone Fox Capital is a independent Registered Investment Advisor. We manage The Opportunistic Folios (Long Only, Levered, Hedged) and the Net Payout Yield Folio that combine the best parts of a mutual fund and a separately managed account, and leaves out the worst. Our commitment is to provide a smarter way to invest far away from the group think on Wall Street. 


Our investment style is to look to opportunistically take advantage of the market. In simple terms, take advantage of what the market gives us. We view a stock as a ownership in the company and not just a stock certificate (if anybody knows what that is anymore). In that sense, we are business owners but ones with the opportunity to easily leave the table when the company no longer performs or becomes over valued such that better opportunities lie elsewhere. Ultimately price matters though. Even great companies can become expensive.  Knowing the company and being heavily focused on our own research and only using others work as a barometer of our conclusions gives us the advantage to selectively and opportunistically buy at great valuations when the market panics. 

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Our Goal Is To Out Fox Wall Street With Smarter, Opportunistic Investing
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We welcome the opportunity to help you manage your assets and grow your wealth. Please contact us via email at or at (918) 289-3185.

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